Bridge Building Project

Our country is divided. Media is the mechanism that was used, by those who benefit from division, to achieve this sad state. Media is the mechanism we must use to combat it, to rebuild the bridges that were burned on social media, cable news, and angry public discourse. The Bridge Building Project is first a media challenge whose goal it is to model and encourage collaboration, cooperation, and respectful disagreement across the deep divide in order to achieve a common, mutually beneficial goal. Second, the challenge is to capture the rekindled spirit of unity and share it widely, encouraging others to adopt the same model in their own communities in order to get good things done.

While the Bridge Building Project was initially conceived as a class within GSU’s graphic design department, we were unable to raise sufficient funds to accomplish that. We did raise $1250 from our like-minded friends, which was matched by Better Bureau (and then some) to make awards to two groups that were pursuing the project’s mission independently.

Defining Home: A Night of Migration Films and Conversations – GSU

We Are All Americans Campaign – Ana Coello and Constanza Loustalet, GSU Graphic Design