Decatur Makers – Logo


Decatur Makers is a welcoming, family-friendly community of inquisitive, motivated people who work together in a safe environment to discover, understand, design and create interesting things. It is our local contribution to the extremely vibrant international Maker Movement. Better Bureau created, for this non-profit start-up, a new logo, business communications tools, print collateral, banners and even kickstarter giveaways.



In the logo exploration phase of the project we review the brand research and consider the input from our clients regarding their mission, tone-and-manner, and personal preferences and use it to explore a wide array of logo concepts- usually 8-12. Even at this early stage we try to embed the logos into a branded context, as the logo is the cornerstone of the brand, designed to take ownership of the other expressions of the brand, including the company’s products and services.




In the logo development phase of the project we take the logos most favored from the LOGO EXPLORATION and explore color, and typographic variations, then embed the logo into a wider array of brand expressions.





Once the logo is approved, guidelines are created to govern its use across media and time. This is essential to insure that every user uses the logo and identity elements in the manner they were intended. Consistentency is as important as creativity when it comes to attributing positive experiences with  a specific brand.