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Bridge Building Project

Our country is divided. Media is the mechanism that was used, by those who benefit from division, to achieve this sad state. Media is the mechanism we must use to combat it, to rebuild the bridges that were burned on social media, cable news, and angry public discourse. The Bridge Building Project is first a media challenge whose goal it is to model and encourage collaboration, cooperation, and respectful disagreement across the deep divide in order to achieve a common, mutually beneficial goal. Second, the challenge is to capture the rekindled spirit of unity and share it widely, encouraging others to adopt the same model in their own communities in order to get good things done.

While the Bridge Building Project was initially conceived as a class within GSU’s graphic design department, we were unable to raise sufficient funds to accomplish that. We did raise $1250 from our like-minded friends, which was matched by Better Bureau (and then some) to make awards to two groups that were pursuing the project’s mission independently.

Defining Home: A Night of Migration Films and Conversations – GSU

We Are All Americans Campaign – Ana Coello and Constanza Loustalet, GSU Graphic Design

Georgia Music Hall of Fame

This logo, designed by Salinna Phon, a recent graduate of Georgia State University’s Graphic Design Program, is the cornerstone of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame brand. It is the most basic element for asserting ownership of the emotional experience of the organization’s activities, products and/or services. The organization felt that they needed a new logo to signal that the organization was moving in a new direction, and to help brand each of its activities and those it hoped to develop in the future.

0410 GMHF Logo Presentation_jb2


GMHF Logo Rebrand Revision v4s


Center for Civic Innovation

This project involved working with social entrepreneurs and the organization that supports them, to help them better understand the power of branding, and to begin building their own pro-social brands.

The Center for Civic Innovation is a community-driven research and development lab for local governments, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs. Their mission is to find, test, and invest in outcome-driven solutions to local social challenges. They host an in-house incubator called Civic Labs, regular workshops for community based social entrepreneurs at all stages, and we work with local public institutions to invest in early stage community initiatives and ventures.

In addition to working with GSU students to develop brand identities for their Westside Innovation Lab companies, Better Bureau did an analysis of the logo and branding system for the center itself.



BitMinutes is a pro-social cryptocurrency designed to bring 2 billion global consumers into the formal economy by offering them access to financial services and microcredit. Better Bureau created a new logo, and produced an “Investor Video” to help raise awareness of their efforts prior to the ICO.



  In addition to the above, Better Bureau also designed banner ads in a variety of sizes to promote the ICO







In addition to producing the English language version, we produced VO and text overlay translations in Mandarin (below), Korean, and Japanese.

Litterati is a app that crowdsources the cleanup of our planet. Litter is everywhere. Soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette butts litter the environment, choke wildlife, and threaten our planet. Litterati is tackling this problem one piece of litter at a time. People snap a quick pic of a piece of litter they find, then they pick it up. Geotags provide insight into problem areas, while keywords identify the most commonly found brands and products. This data will be used to work with companies and organizations to find more sustainable solutions.

This new logo expresses both the focus of their efforts (the litter) and the geotagging of litter data that helps communities address the litter problem longterm.




IDEAL – Inclusive Digital Entertainment and Literacy


Inclusive Digital Expression and Literacy (IDEAL) is a two-year program for students with mild intellectual disabilities, who have the right to postsecondary education (PE) beyond higschool similato any other studentOver the past 20 years,inclusive post-secondary education programs (PSE) have been established at more than 200 colleges and university across the United States and Canada.  Many of these programs have similar focus areas,including selfdetermination, social skills development, college course access, independent living, andemployment.

The IDEAL Program is novel in that it focuses on the development of “voice,” media literacy, production skill independence that allows each student to represent and communicate his/her own stories and self—an empowering identity for anyone in our media-saturated culture, especially for individuals with intellectual disabilities whose stories are often overlooked or conveyed by others.
Program Co-Directors, Andy Roach and Niklas Vollmer, approached Better Bureau for help in building the identity and logo for their fledgling  program. We were more than happy to help, and moved to create a logo that referenced the wide spectrum of media the group focuses on, and reflected the association with Georgia State University, by embracing its Blue, Red, and Grey color palette. 
See our initial exploration and logo guidelines below.

Plastic Reduction Atlanta

On March 27th 2015, Atlanta CIty Councilman Kwanza Hall Atlanta artist Pam Longobardi and a group of international attendees convened at the Centers for Disease Control to officially proclaim this date as Plastic Reduction Day Atlanta in perpetuity. In recognition of this date, a group of researchers and artists in the Atlanta area have created a pledge drive to reduce the use of single use plastics in restaurants throughout the city.  The group hopes that Atlanta businesses will serve their last plastic straw, or better yet, give up single use plastics all together. Plastic Reduction Atlanta is a campaign to enlist Atlanta’s most progressive eateries, organizations and businesses to give up plastic straws in lieu of smarter more eco-friendly alternatives!

Better Bureau supported this important effort, and this team of dedicated artist activists by designing a logo for the campaign. It was printed on transparent stickers that are now proudly displayed in area restaraunts that are actively trying to reduce their impact on the environment.

Telemundo – Upfront


America is a melting pot. Achieving social justice begins with extending “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to all ethnic, and religious, socio-economic, and lifestyle minorities, and taking pride in your unique identity.

When Sony bought Telemundo they positioned the network with the line, “to be Latin in the US is the best of both worlds.” This spot, created to kick off the advertiser upfronts, was intended to show that Latinos are a multi-faceted people interested in their cultural heritage, family values, and aware of their growing economic clout- and that Telemundo was the at the center of each.

This spot won Promax BDA- Latin America’s Best of Show award, and moved many in the audience to tears.

Atlanta Autism Consortium


Connecting Atlanta Autism Communities: Doing Together What No One Organization Can Do On Its Own

The Atlanta Autism Consortium, Inc. (AAC) is a Georgia Non-Profit, tax-exempt, Corporation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the internal Revenue Code.  The AAC brings the spectrum of perspectives and interests concerning autism together in a safe and constructive environment. We aim to foster better understanding and cultivate multifaceted collaborations among the wide variety of autism community stakeholders in the greater Atlanta area, including researchers, clinicians, educators, advocates, families and individuals with autism.

Better Bureau was asked to design a simple trifold brochure for the non-profit, but ended up re-designing the organization’s logo. The puzzle piece icon, which used to be a metaphor for Autism, is no longer appropriate as understanding of Autism shifts from a deficit to neuro diversity.







Parent Powered Innovation



The mission of Parent Powered Innovation is to empower parents to engage with, and directly support, researchers seeking cures for diseases afflicting their children. The brand’s key value is Optimism. Parent Powered Innovation’s optimism, however, is not ungrounded, but rather rooted in Intelligence, Compassion, Support, and Persistence.

In addition to specs for key business communication tools, this identity design contains specifications and usageguidelines for the logo that will serve as the cornerstone of the new Parent Powered Innovation brand. The PPI logo visually represents the power of parents to affect positive change in their children’s lives through the image of a ring of children (white) surrounded by a larger circle of adults (orange). The power of the parent-to-parent bond is represented by a starburst of radiating energy, which bonds children and parents together around the circle. The circle of parents and children is contained within a hexagon. This shape represents the scientific nature of the innovation supported by the group. The warm color palette is designed to represent life, accessibility, vitality, and passion.


Decatur Makers Collateral


Once the logo system was designed, our attention turned to creating brochures and giveaways. This gave us the opportunity to expand the visual language of the brand to include photography, icons and illustrations.


Very early in the buildout of the Decatur Makers’ workspace, there wasn’t much of a there there, but this brochure helped the group describe what they were planning to build to the Atlanta Maker’s Faire, and Decatur Book Fair audiences.




Decatur Makers ran a kickstarter campaign to fund their proposed metalshop. They asked us to design a premium limited edition print (on metal) and a T-Shirt for the smaller donors.






This brochure was designed to solicit new individual and corporate members in the buildout of the Decatur Makers’ workspace. The plans for the space and sponsorship levels were well thought-out and designed to encourage involvement of sponsors big and small.





This banner (left) was designed and produced to recruit new members and to hang over demonstration tables set up at community events like the Decatur Book Fair. It was designed to remind them of the print ad (right) designed for community magazines.





This business card was designed to allow the many people associated with the Decatur Makers to personalize it with their own contact information.



Decatur Makers – Logo


Decatur Makers is a welcoming, family-friendly community of inquisitive, motivated people who work together in a safe environment to discover, understand, design and create interesting things. It is our local contribution to the extremely vibrant international Maker Movement. Better Bureau created, for this non-profit start-up, a new logo, business communications tools, print collateral, banners and even kickstarter giveaways.



In the logo exploration phase of the project we review the brand research and consider the input from our clients regarding their mission, tone-and-manner, and personal preferences and use it to explore a wide array of logo concepts- usually 8-12. Even at this early stage we try to embed the logos into a branded context, as the logo is the cornerstone of the brand, designed to take ownership of the other expressions of the brand, including the company’s products and services.




In the logo development phase of the project we take the logos most favored from the LOGO EXPLORATION and explore color, and typographic variations, then embed the logo into a wider array of brand expressions.





Once the logo is approved, guidelines are created to govern its use across media and time. This is essential to insure that every user uses the logo and identity elements in the manner they were intended. Consistentency is as important as creativity when it comes to attributing positive experiences with  a specific brand.




TRAILBLAZERS – Programming Pitch

This original program promoted simple methods for living a more sustainable lifestyle, and profiled the ordinary folks and brilliant scientists who were helping to make that possible. We conceived, wrote, cast, and shot a pilot. Then we made this promo to pitch the show to a variety of TV networks including Planet Green, Sundance, and The Science Channel.

Discovery Health


When Discovery Networks launched the Discovery Health Channel it wanted to be sure that advertisers knew that this was not merely a fitness channel, but rather would present a wholistic approach to the health of mind, body, and spirit. This “upfront” presentation kicked off the network’s presentation of its new and returning shows.


World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates – Atlanta 2015


The 2015 Atlanta Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is an important global event organized to promote democratic values and to highlight the significance of freedom and peace. The Summit will consist of three and a half days of mini-summits, debates, meetings, workshops and other activities to address the challenges of global civilization. Summit sessions will discuss what actions can be taken to support democracy and world peace. The sessions will cover topics such as youth, education, technology, civil rights, human rights, global health, women’s empowerment, nuclear disarmament, climate change, water/sustainability, poverty, economic prosperity and global peace.

Georgia State students, in a prototype of Better Bureau dubbed ++Good Studios, created a full blown brand identity for the conference under the direction of Carrie Brown, Creative Director and Grad Student in Graphic Design, and faculty mentor Liz Throop, Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design.

Better Bureau was asked to create several preliminary print elements for the conference, including this Gala Program and Brochure.

Screen Shot 010



Surviving Katrina – Discovery Channel


Discovery Channel wanted to begin it’s documentary, Surviving Katrina, with an emotionally powerful collage of the haunting images of real people who endured and lived to tell their true stories of one of the largest hurricanes to ever strike the US.

As with the residents of New Orleans in the actual hurricane, the photos of real survivors are tossed about, flotsam in a churning sea.

Elements in each authentic photo were isolated and placed in 3D space. Camera moves and depth-of-field were added to create a parrallax effect which enhanced the immersive quality of the open.

Think Tank – Discovery Science


The Scientific Method

Discovery Science Channel’s audience is invited to see themselves as members of the “think tank” in this set of ids. In them, the “scientific method” key processes are described: observe, measure, explain, and verify in a graphic manner that takes ownership of that process for the Discovery Science Channel brand.


Nuclear fission’s chain reaction has been described over the years with ping pong balls on mousetraps. We set up 750 such mousetraps then began the chain reaction with a tiny globe from the Discovery Science Channel logo in order to demonstrate how the brand brings key scientific principles to life in an entertaining manner.

Spot Similarities

Scientists observe similarities between objects in nature in order to increase their understanding and appreciation of each. This spot invites the audience to join Discovery Science Channel’s “think tank” by doing this too.

Detect Differences

Part of what scientists do is observe meaningful differences in the world around them. This spot uses the familiar example of the “chicken and the egg” to encourage us, as members of the Discovery Science Channel “think tank” to recognize that we are just like scientists ourselves.

Tread Lightly- Travel Channel


These short interstitial spots urge Travel Channel’s viewers to “leave nothing but footprints” when they venture into the great outdoors. Each spot played in interstitial breaks within programming about the nation’s National Parks, and was sponsored by a full spectrum of Travel Channel’s advertisers.

Journeys of the Heart- PERU


Who says that Reality TV has to be all about back stabbing and winning a million bucks? With Journeys of the Heart: PERU we proved that Volunteers doing all they could to help a hundred underserved Deaf Orphans in Cusco Peru has all the drama, and twice the emotional resonance of the typical reality show. This 9 Hour HD series was produced for VOOM HD’s Equator Channel.