Parent Powered Innovation



The mission of Parent Powered Innovation is to empower parents to engage with, and directly support, researchers seeking cures for diseases afflicting their children. The brand’s key value is Optimism. Parent Powered Innovation’s optimism, however, is not ungrounded, but rather rooted in Intelligence, Compassion, Support, and Persistence.

In addition to specs for key business communication tools, this identity design contains specifications and usageguidelines for the logo that will serve as the cornerstone of the new Parent Powered Innovation brand. The PPI logo visually represents the power of parents to affect positive change in their children’s lives through the image of a ring of children (white) surrounded by a larger circle of adults (orange). The power of the parent-to-parent bond is represented by a starburst of radiating energy, which bonds children and parents together around the circle. The circle of parents and children is contained within a hexagon. This shape represents the scientific nature of the innovation supported by the group. The warm color palette is designed to represent life, accessibility, vitality, and passion.