Think Tank – Discovery Science


The Scientific Method

Discovery Science Channel’s audience is invited to see themselves as members of the “think tank” in this set of ids. In them, the “scientific method” key processes are described: observe, measure, explain, and verify in a graphic manner that takes ownership of that process for the Discovery Science Channel brand.


Nuclear fission’s chain reaction has been described over the years with ping pong balls on mousetraps. We set up 750 such mousetraps then began the chain reaction with a tiny globe from the Discovery Science Channel logo in order to demonstrate how the brand brings key scientific principles to life in an entertaining manner.

Spot Similarities

Scientists observe similarities between objects in nature in order to increase their understanding and appreciation of each. This spot invites the audience to join Discovery Science Channel’s “think tank” by doing this too.

Detect Differences

Part of what scientists do is observe meaningful differences in the world around them. This spot uses the familiar example of the “chicken and the egg” to encourage us, as members of the Discovery Science Channel “think tank” to recognize that we are just like scientists ourselves.